Meeting cost ticker

This tool helps to visualize the cost of a meeting. Set it up at the beginning of a meeting and position your monitor so that everyone can see it. You'll be amazed how much faster decisions are made when everyone sees the cost of making them.

Just select the number of attendees for each role and click on the start button.

The roles and salaries are based on the Computerworld IT salary survey 2013 carried out in the U.S and most likely highly inaccurate for your particular situation. You can adjust them by clicking on the wrench icon.



Roles & Salaries

* There are lots of hidden costs for an employee besides the salary (Taxes, insurances, office space, electricity, HR departments, ..). To calculate the true cost of an employee this tool multiplies the salary by a factor, usually somewhere between 1,5 and 2.5. This is of course highly inaccurate and varies from region to region but it's good enough as a rule of thumb.