20/06/2018: Talk: Top Blockchain Platforms compare and contrast - presented during Blockchain Week Ireland - Demystifying Blockchain Seminar - GMIT Galway campus

10/08/2017: Ethereum workshop I've organized and presented for the Galway meetup group

19/04/2017: Blockchain Introduction presented as part of the Atlantec Conference

22/11/2016: HTTP and the Requests library

04/10/2016: Python magic methods

Articles / Notes

31/01/2021: Systemd Timer

20/06/2018: Blog post: geth configuration

22/06/2017: Notes on how to setup a Ethereum DApp project and development environment

09/03/2016: Using qemu:///session with bridged network

29/10/2015: How to copy a vagrant image to another machine

19/05/2015: Setting up Horizon with PyCharm

Unknown: Javascript Cheatsheet

Unknown: Git Cheatsheet

Unknown: Markdown Cheatsheet

Unknown: Python Datetime Cheatsheet

Unknown: Server Side Includes Cheatsheet


01/11/2017: Catena - Prototype for a blockchain-as-a-service deployment tool (Azure and OpenStack

09/11/2016: MyTile - A simple python script to arrange windows

22/04/2016: Automate UI tests using OCR

22/03/2016: Quick&dirty script to list OpenStack Freezer backups with size and timestamp

21/01/2016: cpmerge - A clipboard manager for linux

25/12/2015: Monkeys and other test helpers

23/03/2014: C# - Different ways to implement multiple dispatch

15/10/2013: Script to convert Bank of Ireland exports to the Homebank format

18/09/2013: SimpleMenus is a small python package for creating interactive console applications

08/04/2013: wxPython databinding library

28/08/2012: Sublime Text plugin to move the cursor to any position in the current line

Unknown: Meeting Cost Ticker - Track how much money you are wasting in meetings


27/08/2016: Galway Gamejam 2016

29/11/2014: Galway Gamejam 2014

12/10/2013: Galway Gamejam 2013